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It is composed of one air pump and a group of cuffs. The pump is connected to the dedicated cuffs via the hose series. The pump compresses and inflates air into the chambers continuously to produce compression from the body tail end to body center or from the body center to the body tail and release the air after compression as one cycle process, which is benifit to the blood circulation. Cycle time and pressure can be adjusted by purpose to avoid any discomfort.
  • AP1200b

  • Yangkun



Display: 7 in. LCD   screen,chinese/english menu,touch screen operating,real-time display the   parameter of treatment status.treatment part,integrated mode,remaining time,truly   pressure of every cavity,Inflatable speed   e.g.
Treatment   time 1   min-40 min,adjustable
Pressure   Range 0-200mmHg, adjustable
Pressure   Holding Time 1s-6s
Cycle   Interval Time 1s-6s
Machine Size 410 mm (L)*330 mm (W)*200 mm (H)
Power   Supply AC220V/50HZ
Power 85VA

7-inch color LCD display.touch screen operation,Super compressive air bags, continuous pressure, low noise, little vibration, single mode cavity, pressure real-time monitoring and preventing electromagnetic interference, Real-time sensor determine the true stress of the sleeve

Detail Information


Treatment Mode: Default 3 treatment modes,one or multi-modes independent assortment according to patient's condition


Limb Sleeve:

1.Material:Medical-TPU material

2.Circumferential-pressure design,Inner lining of sleeve is easy to detach, clean and sterilize

3.Unbreakable  super resist compression

1.Sleeve can be connected  2 sets 12 cavity and will cure 2 limb part of body simultaneously.

5.Single cavity working mode is adjusted pressure ,real-time monitor sleeve real pressure. zero skipping function,Pressure of any chamber can be adjusted to ‘0’, which allows to skip wounded or fragile body part.

6.Real-time monitoring pressure,automatic alarm if air escape

7.12-chamber gradient compression sleeve efficiently prevent reflux of venous flow and increase return of venous blood

8.Continuous pressure increasing efficiently vein evacuate to ensure velocity of flow of blood in a higher level.

9.Special bicycle pump , low noise, low vibration and high charging speed                  

10.Anti-electromagnetic interference.


 Touch screen operation

• 0’ skipping function, avoid soft tissue contusion effectively, and promote the blood and body fluid circulation at maximum

• Independent inflation to the individual pneumatocyst is available to meet the local treatment

 Adjust pressure at any time according to the comfort degree

• Double channel with twelve-chamber gradient compression sleeve supplying air circulation

• Unique overlapped pneumatocyst can eliminate the conventional pneumatocyst squeeze the blind angle, avoid blood fluid retention or reflux, ensure the smoothness of fluid drainage

• Good tolerance to host machine, contineous use

Medical air pump, stable pressure, low noise, low vibration and high charging speed, no influence on rest

• Safe, healthy, noninvasive, conform to the development tendency of modern medicine

• Sleeve can be connected  2 sets 12 cavity and will cure 2 limb part of body simultaneously 





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