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AP400C Air Wave Therapy Pressure Massage Instrument

It is composed of one air pump and a group of cuffs. The pump is connected to the dedicated cuffs via the hose series. The pump compresses and inflates air into the chambers continuously to produce compression from the body tail end to body center or from the body center to the body tail and release the air after compression as one cycle process, which is benifit to the blood circulation. Cycle time and pressure can be adjusted by purpose to avoid any discomfort.
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Air Compression therapy machine 


1, product composition

Host Machine, inflatable tube, upper limb sleeve, lower limb sleeve,waist sleeve,and so on.

2, the technical scope

Pressure range: 40-200mmHG
Time adjustment range: 0-30 minutes
Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ (if you need 110V/60HZ, please contact us in advance)
Rated power: 40W

3, to adapt to the crowd

Chronic diseases caused by the disease, nerve pain, frozen shoulder, hand, foot numbness, stroke, after the sequelae, etc.



4, product features

♦ the air wave can provide from the toes to the thigh of the root of the all-round massage, the use of massage pads, you can lean on the massage pad, increase gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation, the better
♦ compared with other electronic massage, physical beat massage, air pressure massage more comfortable
♦ massage speed and heart rate is similar, so feel more relaxed
♦ pressure massage to avoid the electrode, the risk of burns
♦ only need to unplug the plug, you can exhaust the product
♦ the pressure adjustment button, can more easily adjust the intensity of massage
♦ treatment time according to physical condition, can be self-regulation
♦ structural fastening, low noise, small vibration
♦ writing, compact design, save space

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